Hotmail Login

Hotmail is an Windows Live online based email provider that allows you to access features like Calendar, Bing, Outlook, People (address book service), Profile, Onedrive and MSN among others completely free by just logging into your hotmail account. Hotmail has been renamed as Outlook and you are able to access all your features and information through their main site which is Also, they have developed applications that allow you to access your emails as well. If you already have a Hotmail account, learn how to signin to your hotmail account or hotmail login.

Hotmail Login

One easy way to log into your Hotmail/Outlook account is doing the following: Also if you have a Gmail account instead of a Hotmail, you can get help by going to the link above.

hotmail login

    1. Go to your mobile and/or computer browser ( any device that had internet access and a browser is applicable to) and type in or . You can also click on either of this following links -> Hotmail & Outlook
    2. You will be automatically redirected to the main login page where you will find the Login form
    3. Enter your email address and password in the corresponding slots and double check all of your information it’s correct
    4. It is very important that besides from double checking the information you have entered, you should make sure to not select “Keep me Signed in” if you are using someone elses phone/tablet/computer because this will allow them to have instantaneous access to your email, contacts, windows features, applications and any other information that is included with your email

  1. Once you have double checked all of your information, proceed to click on SIGN-IN  and you will be directed to your mailbox and would have successfully done a hotmail login. If you do not remember your Hotmail password then reset it.

Another way in which you will be able to access your email, contacts and information is by downloading the Outlook application on your computer , tablet , iPod, and/or personal phone. If you are using the Outlook application on any of the previously mentioned devices you will be able to do limited actions without internet connectivity, for example you will be able to add/delete contacts, read mail, reply to any specific correspondence, foward and/or delete any group or specific mail among other things, the way this works is that the application will allow you to make these changes for the mail/feature that has been loaded when there was an existing internet connection and it will synchronize and complete the actions you have performed once the internet connectivity is up again.


To login using your phone/ iPod / Tablet using the Outlook app:

  1. First make sure your device is up to date. This can be done by going to the settings application on your device and looking for the “About Phone” and/or “Software Update” option. It is important that your device is up to date because sometimes the application will require the latest version in order to work. One advantage of always having your device updated is to avoid the annoying app “crashes” where the application suddenly freezes or closes unexpectedly leaving any work / changes performed on the app unsaved.
  2. Go to the Apple Store, Google Play, Android Market, Windows Store or whatever provider your device uses and search for  “Outlook”
  3. Click on Download and wait for the application to be installed on your device
  4. Once the application is on your device, proceed to open it and enter your account information
  5. After revising that the email and password you have entered are correct click on SIGN IN and you are all set !