How to Create a Hotmail Account

Hotmail is an online email service provided by Microsoft. This web-based email service was one of the first free online emails available to the public and now this email providers counts with over 360 million users. By being registered to hotmail you will have access to its convenient features, some of these include: Calendar, Bing, Outlook, People (address book service), Profile, Onedrive and MSN among others. Hotmail also offers you the ability to access and select information stored in your computer and wirelessly synchronize this information to your devices. Also, Windows Live Devices allows their account holders to access their computer files remotely by simply using a web browser. Creating a Hotmail account is fast and easy, you are a couple clicks away from enjoying this amazing features.

Hotmail Account

In order to create your Hotmail account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Hotmail website, you can do this by typing or simply clicking here -> Hotmail
  2. In the Hotmail’s home page you will be given the option to  Sign-in or Sign-up for your Windows Live Account. Click on the SIGN-UP button.

create hotmail account

  1. After you clicked on SIGN-UP, you will be re-directed to their “Create an Account” form where you will be asked for your Name, Last name, username, desired password along with other personal information. Please make sure to double-check the information you’ve entered because if you make any spelling mistakes, it will be hard to access your account later on
  2. The most important information is your Account Name & Password
    1. Your account name must be unique and you must make sure to select @hotmail
    2. Your password needs to be at least 8 characters and it is case sensitive, which means you need to make sure to remember your password or write it down somewhere until you memorize it. Creating a strong password is very important, it is recommended to use 16 characters, but you can also choose to add numbers to make it more secure

  3. Now you will be asked to enter Contact information which will be use in order to retrieve your password or regain access to your account in the case of an emergency
  4. Next, enter your Country & Zip Code, this information is used to identify you as well and to recieve more useful results when using Windows search-engine “Bing”
  5. Make sure you’re not a robot by entering a CAPTCHA code & Agree to the terms of service and privacy at the end of the page. Now you can click on CREATE ACCOUNT and enjoy your Hotmail email and benefits !

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