Change or Recover Your Hotmail Password

If you happen to have forgotten your Hotmail password or have been locked out of your account due to unauthorized access, you can easily gain access to your account by resetting your password. The Microsoft Account recovery tool allows you to reset your account password by using the contact information you provided when you created your Hotmail account, specifically your phone number, recovery email and the designated security questions. Also, you are able to use any verification app that you have associated with your account.

Keep in mind that Hotmail has changed their name to Outlook, but you are able to still use your Hotmail email and features even though the server name has changed, just go ahead and enter your information normally and you will see everything works the same.

Recover Hotmail Password

Follow these simple steps and reset your Hotmail/ Outlook password:

  1. Go to the Outlook home page by typing on your web browser or simply clicking this link -> Outlook . You will be able to recover your inactive account for up to 365 days since the last time you used it or logged in it. If your account has been inactive for over a year, the system will automatically delete them. Also, if you have decided to deactivate your account, you have up to 30 days to un-do this and regain access to your email.

  2. Once you are on the Outlook home page, look under the Sign-in form for a link that says : Can’t access your account? and click here. hotmail password
  3. Microsoft will then ask you why are you unable to access your account, select “I forgot my password”
  4. Enter the Hotmail address you wish to regain access to, then proceed to fill in the CAPTCHA required and click next
  5. Now, select a verification method. In order to actually reset your password you need to select the method Microsoft is going to use to identify you and authorize the reset. There are different ways to do this and a brief explanation is given below
    1. Recovery Email – you can use the email you provided when you created the account, the Microsoft team will send an email containing a link and/or verification code and this will help you reset your password
    2. App- You are able to use an app you have downloaded using your Microsoft account in order to generate an unique code that will verify your identity. However, in order to use this feature you must have previously set this function up on your account.

    3. Mobile Phone: You can use the mobile number you provided when creating the account to receive a text message with a code that will verify your identity. You are only able to use the phone number on file, so please make sure to keep this information updated
    4. I don’t have any of these or I don’t use these anymore: This method will allow you verify your information by having you enter it manually. However, this method might be unlikely to work if you don’t remember the specific details about your account . If you select this method please answer all the questions in the questionnaire, you will be required to enter all the information for the account and you will also be asked to enter a backup email address. Questions like previously used passwords and account creation dates will be asked so try to be an specific as possible. Please keep in mind this process might a few business days to be completed because you will need to wait for a response from the Microsoft team

  6. Once you have selected a verification method, access your verification code to be able to go to the reset page
  7. Enter your verification code on Microsoft’s Recovery page, click next and go ahead and Create a New password. Please make sure to write this information down and to double check the characters you’ve entered. Click Next and You are all set with your new Hotmail password !

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