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Hotmail, also known as Outlook is one of the pioneer companies in providing web based email services to the general public. The company offers its client a variety of features that can be easily access with your email account that can be used on both websites Hotmail and Outlook since they are relatively the same. Hotmail is a Windows powered email provider, therefore with its email you are able to access applications like Windows Store, the search engine BING, the address book service People, Contacts among other features. Learn how to do Hotmail Sign in.

There are several ways to sign into your Hotmail / Outlook account, you can enter through any web browser, you can add the account to your personal device Mail service/app and you can download the Outlook app either on your device or computer.

Hotmail Sign in

To Sign-in using any web browser follow these simple instructions:

hotmail sign in

  1. Go to the browser app on your mobile phone, tablet, iPod, and/or computer. Enter or , remember you can access all of the same feautures, mail and information using both of these websites. Also you can choose to just simply click one of the following links for automatic access -> Outlook and/or Hotmail

  2. Once the website loads you will be faced with the sign-in form for your account where you will be asked to enter your email and password for the corresponding account you wish to access to
  3. When entering your information please make sure you are in control and/or aware of the state of your CAPS because the passwords are CASE sensitive and you might encounter a sign-in error if you forget to turn your CAPS LOCK on or off
  4. After double checking your information, take the time to click to select or deselect the “Keep Me Signed In” option in a box located right under the password slot on the form. This is very important because if you wish to be kept signed into the account you might be exposing your information to the other people that come in contact with the device you are using, take these security measures seriously because things like identity theft and other privacy attacking things can happen from leaving your information unprotected
  5. Click on SIGN-IN and if the information you have entered is correct you will be redirected to your mailbox

Another way you can access your email information and/or features is by installing the Outlook app on your computer and/or adding your account information to the computer’s built in Mail Application. We will provide you with instruction to do both.


To install the Outlook app on your Computer :

  1. For Windows computers, go to the Windows store application, search for Outlook and download. Once the application has been downloaded and installed you can proceed to open it and the Auto Account Wizard will welcome you to the app, select Next. On the E-mail Accounts page, select Next and enter your account information.
  2. For Macintosh Apple computers, go to the Apple store/ iTunes,  search for the Outlook Application and proceed to download it. Once the application has been downloaded and installed successfully proceed to open it and enter your account email and password to have access to your mailbox.


To add/configure your Hotmail account information to the computer’s built in Mail application:

  1. For Window 8+ computers
    1. On the Start Screen look for the Mail Application and select it
    2. Go to settings (Swipe in from the right side of the screen or point to the lower-right corner of the screen)
    3. Click on Accounts and then ADD ACCOUNT
    4. Select your email provider, enter your email and password then proceed to follow the on-screen instructions
  2. For Mac Computers
    1. Click on your Launchpad or select the Mail App from your dock
    2. On the top menu click on Mail, select Add Account and select EXCHANGE
    3. Enter your Name, email address and password
    4. Click on Sign-in and you’re all set


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